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16 Simple Ideas and Crafts

Smart and easy to make ideas compilation! Best simple ideas and crafts! Did you know brown eggs are more expensive than white eggs, but it’s not because they’re healthier. Brown eggs cost more because the hens that lay them are physically bigger breeds than the white egg laying chickens.

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18 Simple Tricks and Ideas with Nutella

Enjoy your sweet nutella hacks! The idea of coca-cola and nutella ice cream actually come out of random. We were just thinking of any non-prank way of combining two products which seem popular among our viewers. What do you know it actually turned out pretty good! Point taken it’s not …

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21 Smartphone Life Hacks, Tricks and Ideas!

Hello! Welcome to our smartphone compilation video! I hope you’ll find smomething new for you! Actually self-made smartphone covers look a lot more decent irl. I remember when we’ve made our first cover I’ve took it and well no one I’ve encountered ever thought It’s self made. Also you don’t …

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Will Fish Survive in Liquid Nitrogen?

We’ve decided to bring you the EDGE of experiments and sensless destruction! SPOLIER The fish is fine, it’s alive and happy in aquarium. TIMESTAMPS ARE HERE!! 00:03 – PAPER 00:30 – BALLOON 01:40 – FISH SURVIVAL 03:37 – TIC TAC 04:22 – ORBEEZ 05:32 – CHICKEN DOG TOY 06:24 – …

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