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Easy Kirigami Ball Decoration Tutorial – Paper Weaving – Paper Kawaii

Follow these step by step instructions to make a decorative paper globe from 6 strips of paper, no glue needed! These woven paper balls are great to hang up or display in bowls.

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Kirigami is the art of paper cutting, however this is more like paper weaving, the only cutting involved is two small snips on both ends of each strip. You can alternatively use glue to secure the ends.

These woven paper globes are actually quite easy to make, once you get the hang of whats going on with each strip.
⚠️ If it wasn’t clear in the video – each strip forms a circle.

Even if you don’t get all of the strips in exactly the right place, the ball will still look great!

They are especially satisfying to drop on the table as they make a ‘bshhhh’ sound.. hope that makes sense. ????

I know that these paper balls make awesome Christmas hanging decorations, however they are great decorations all year round, depending on what colour paper you use!

Design: Traditional Method
Level: ★★☆☆☆

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You Will Need
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▸ 6 strips of paper

Paper size example: 1.5 x 29.7 (cut from A4 paper)
Using US letter paper will also be fine.
If you want to use smaller paper, the height of the strips needs to change.
For example if using 20cm, make the strips 1cm tall.
The ratio of the strips should be about 1:20 so all you have to do is divide the length of your paper by 20 to work it out.

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