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DIY Stacked House Number Planter – HGTV Happy

Add color and curb appeal to your porch with this house number planter, featuring three stacked terra-cotta pots.

Get step-by-step instructions at HGTV.com: https://www.hgtv.com/design/make-and-celebrate/handmade/terra-cotta-pot-house-number-planter?soc=youtube


large terra-cotta pot + saucer
(2) medium terra-cotta pots
(2) small terra-cotta pots
spray paint
numerical stickers
potting soil
various plants


1. Cover the largest terra-cotta pot in a layer of white spray paint. Let dry completely.

2. Once the base coat is dry, place the numerical stickers onto the front of the pot. Be certain to press down all edges of the stickers so no paint can seep under the sides. Next, cover the pot in the color of your choice. Let the paint dry. Once the pot is dry, slowly peel the stickers off to reveal the stenciled house numbers. Paint the other two pots in coordinating colors.

3. Set a medium-sized terra-cotta pot upside down in the large pot. Place potting soil around the inserted pot, leaving the top uncovered. Plant with a vine or other trailing plant. Set the medium-sized painted pot on top of the inserted pot, and place a small pot upside down within the medium pot. Add soil, and plant around the small pot. Finally, set the smallest painted pot on the inserted pot. Fill with soil, and add some show-stopping flowers to showcase your new terra-cotta pot tower. Place by your front door for a statement piece that looks beautiful and works hard.

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