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DIY Rustic Flocked Pinecone Christmas Ornaments

Learn in just a few easy steps how to make these cute Rustic Flocked Pinecone Christmas Ornaments. Your Christmas tree will have a lovely yet rustic touch. The best part is that this craft is so incredibly easy that you can enjoy it with your kids! Hope you like it!

Pinecones {as many as you like}
White acrylic paint
White glue
White and silver glitter
Burlap or linen ribbon {color of your choice}
Jingle bells {2 per bow}
Needle and thread.
Hot glue gun
2 bowls {big enough for the pinecones to fit}
Paper towels.

For the full Blog Post tutorial: http://titicrafty.com/2017/10/diy-rustic-flocked-pinecone-christmas-ornaments/

For more Ornaments Tutorial: https://youtu.be/4Qy8Dg5KWbs

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