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World’s Most Beautiful Animals

Here are 11 of the cutest and most beautiful animals in the world from the pretty and colorful peacock to the super fast cheetah!!!

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5. Tigers
Tigers are the largest cat in the world. They are mostly identified by its distinctive orange, black and white stripes. They are natives of Asia and Turkey and they are currently endangered. There are several subspecies of tigers, including the Bengal and the Serbian which are the most well-known. They have large heads and muscular bodies. The pattern of the tiger’s coat is likely a form of camouflage for when it is hiding in tall grasses or other vegetation. Adult tigers live mainly a solitary life with a specific territory that they occupy and defend. Tigers of both sexes tend to stay in their own territory, hunting and raising their cubs in their own habitat. Tigers are strong swimmers and they often swim in lakes and rivers to keep cool. They feed on large and medium sized animals and they have also been known to attack humans that encroach on their territory. They usually only eat their own prey but, when resources are scarce they have been known to steal prey from other animals. Tigers are in danger of extinction mostly due to hunting for their pelts and the total number of remaining wild tigers is unknown.

4. Fennec Fox
The fennec is a small nocturnal fox found in Africa in the Sahara Desert. This subspecies of fox features very large ears which help the small animal with the heat of its native environment. The animal gained worldwide appeal with a fennec fox being a character in Disney’s Zootopia. The likeness of the animal was also recently the inspiration for a new Pokemon, Fennekin. The light colored fur that is closely associated with this animal also helps keep it cool. It is the national animal of Algeria. The animal is currently classified as “least concern” but, that status might change due to the rise in the domestication of the animal.

3. Black Panther
A black panther is actually just a color variation of any large cat of the Panthera genus. The dark, black coat makes the animal especially interesting. Black panthers located in Asia and Africa are typically just black leopards and the black panthers located in North and South America are jaguars.The marks that leopards are known for are actually still present but, they are buried under the saturation caused by the furs dark color. This effect is known as “ghost striping” and the markings are easier to see in the younger animals. There are rumors of black cougars but, the claims have never been proven. There are also reports of black panthers existing in Australia and they have been blamed for many animal disappearances. The Australian claims have also never been substantiated. They have influenced culture for quite some time, the black panther had significance in the ancient Aztec culture and they also inspired a superhero, as well as a radical political party.

2. Vaquita
The Vaquita is a species of porpoise native to the Gulf of California. The Vaquita is one of the many animals that are classified as critically endangered. There is as little as 100 vaquita left and as a result, it is considered the most endangered cetacean in the world. The animal is expected to go extinct in the next five years. The etymology of the animal’s name is Spanish and it means “little cow”.

Dolphins are humans most favorite marine animals. Dolphins are incredibly intelligent and are often captured and kept in captivity. However, breeding in captivity has been unsuccessful and often results in the death of the animal in just a few months. Killer whales are also a part of the dolphin genus but, the dolphin most recognized is the bottlenose. The shape of the dolphin’s body aids it speed in the water. Dolphins main diet consists of fish, squid, and other small mammals. Dolphins use noise to communicate, like echolocation. Dolphin’s also have no olfactory lobes so it is likely that they possess no sense of smell. Dolphins are highly sociable and they typically live in small pods out in the wild. Various species of dolphins actually have an alarmingly human sexuality. Male dolphins showcase sexually aggressive behavior to members outside their species, including rare accounts with humans. Interestingly, dolphins also have the ability to sleep with half of their brain awake, meaning that they can breathe and also watch for coming predators. They luckily have almost no natural enemies; however, smaller dolphins have been known to fall prey to certain species of shark.

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