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Turning a Salvaged Object Into Art – HGTV

Think outside the box when it comes to wall art. Find out how to transform an interesting architectural item into a one-of-a-kind focal point.

Get step-by-step instructions at HGTV.com: http://www.hgtv.com/design/rooms/bedrooms/turn-an-architectural-item-into-art?soc=youtube


item you wish to display
flat 1×3 MDF trim
nail gun and nails
tape measure
note pad and pencil
painters’ tape
wallpaper paste
wallpaper or fabric
caulk gun
paintable caulk
spackle and putty knife
medium-grit sanding block
semi-gloss paint
chop saw
damp cloth
smoothing tool
utility knife or scissors
hanging hardware (screw eyes, wall anchors, picture wire, D-rings, etc.)


1. Select hangable object: Search architectural salvage, flea markets and thrift stores for an interesting item, keeping in mind that lighter-weight choices with flat backs will be the easiest ones to hang. We chose to hang a rustic, planked door.

2. Measure and mark display area: Using tape measure, measure object and add three to five inches on all sides. Transfer these dimensions to wall with pencil. Further define area by applying painters’ tape to wall just outside pencil marks.

3. Add wallpaper or fabric: Cut fabric or wallpaper two inches larger than measurements. Create a backdrop for object by adding wallpaper paste to wall inside taped-off area, pressing precut wallpaper or fabric in place, smoothing with smoothing tool, then cutting away excess with scissors or utility knife.

4. Cut and paint trim: Using a chop saw, cut trim to size, mitering each corner. Lightly sand mitered edges with sanding block. Paint cut trim with two coats of semi-gloss paint, in same color as walls.

5. Install trim: Place trim along outside edge of painters’ tape and attach trim to wall with nail gun or drill and screws. Once all pieces are installed, fill nail or screw holes with spackle using putty knife. Caulk inside and outside edges of trim with caulk gun. After spackle and caulk have dried, lightly sand spackled areas, then paint finish coat using paintbrush.

6. Attach hanging hardware: Measure, then mark the wall where object will hang. Attach hardware, such as a nail, screw or anchor, if needed, to wall. Ready object for hanging by adding screw eyes or D-rings and picture wire to back of object. Once hardware is secure, hang object on wall.

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