Hi everybody,

First makeup look that I’ve created this year is this really simple smokey eyes.

Although I think my tutorials are pretty simple and very wearable by ..just anybody, I read you DM on Instagram and I get questions about how to do very easy but yet glamorous makeup.
What easier way to do a quick makeup if not smokey?

As I was editing this video I had my friend Hanane coming over and she was asking me how am I gonna name this look? After I told her it’s a Smokey Eyes Tutorial she told me :” Really? This is a smokey eye? I thought all black eyeshadow is smokey eye.” That is something that a lot of people think, but the truth is that smokey eyes could be ANY COLOR.

Smokey eyes is a gradient that starts from the base of your lashes with the darkest color and go up towards the crease with the lightest.
Now it varies from eye to eye. My eye shape does not allow me to do anything too extravagant because I don’t have enough space, but then if you have bigger space on your lids you are so lucky! You can play with the color higher and create really sexy looks ! Don’t get me wrong, not complaining in here, just explaining why my smokey eyes cannot be like most.

I find it very easy to use a pencil. Why? Because you don’t need to be precise with it. You’re gonna smoke it out anyway. Then the consistency of that pencil I’ve used it’s just perfect for a beginner. Most crayons like that do not allow you enough time to blend. What does that mean? Well it means that right after you apply it it dries immediately and no matter now much you try to blend it will remain a stain. So make sure when you buy a crayon like that, you test it on your hand then you give it a few seconds, then try to blend it with your fingers. If it blends easily it’s a winner !
I do feel the need of telling you that all these are tips for beginners, if you are a makeup artist or just experienced with makeup, my tips might be useless for you.

You can ABSOLUTELY achieve this look with any other brands. Just remember the technique.

Am I the only YouTubers that writes “novels” in her descriptions? Is this helping you at all? The thing is right after I edit the video I realize that I could have told you so much more to help you, so that’s why I come with these notes. Please me know in the comments if you do read these, so I would know if I shall keep on posting these.

As usual, thank you so much for watching ! Thank you for your support and love you’re showing me on every video.

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Products used:
This Works In Transit Camera Close-Up Primer
NARS Natural Longwear Radiant Foundation Deauville
Giorgio Armani Armani Luminous Silk Nr. 6
NARS Radient Creamy Concealer Custard
Tarte Shape Tape Concealer in Light Sand and Light Medium
1944Paris – Baume de Baobab
Too Faced Blush Peach Dream & Pinch My Peach
Too Faced Chocolate Bronze Bronzer
ABH Brow Powder Duo Medium Brown
ABH Clear Brow Gel
1944Paris Le Crayon Paupières Twist Up Marron Mardoré
Winky Lux Highlighter Celestial
1944 Le Mascara Volume Intense
Huda Beauty Lashes Giselle
Chantecaille L’Arbre Illuminé Palette
1944Paris Lipstick Semi Matte RA002
Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist

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