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How to make an origami Golden Snitch, from Harry Potter books/movies! No magic required, so even Muggles can fold it! However, it can’t fly unless you cast a Wingardium Leviosa on it! Designed by Jo Nakashima (2018/07/07) Support my channel! https://www.patreon.com/jonakashima ◆ Difficulty level: low intermediate ◆ My paper: 20cm …

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Origami Square Twist Box / Pot Tutorial – Paper Kawaii

Learn how to make a pretty origami pot or bowl with a flat square base. This twisted origami box is easy to make with 1 sheet of square paper. ???? ???? LEARNIGAMI ebook: https://paperkawaii.com/learnigami ???? Visit Paper Kawaii’s Shop: https://shop.paperkawaii.com ???? FREE printable origami paper pack: https://goo.gl/nVENws This origami square …

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How to make an origami Dragon Bookmark Designed by Jo Nakashima (03/May/2018) ◆ Difficulty level: High intermediate ◆ My paper: First dragon: 20cm x 10cm Shadow Fold Tutorial: 30cm x 15cm Red Tissue-foil ======================================== Commercial use is not allowed without prior written permission from the author. Please contact the author …

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Origami Stacking House Box Tutorial – Paper Kawaii

Learn how to make a fun stackable origami box. These house shaped boxes can stack up or be slotted together. They make great gift boxes too. These are a modification of the tall origami crown boxes previously posted. ???? LEARNIGAMI ebook: https://goo.gl/ydj2Yi ???? Discord Community: https://goo.gl/TJcStB ???? FREE printable origami …

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