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Simple fruit carving. Fruit carving for kids. A Lemon Mouse.

Simple fruit carving. Fruit carving for kids – A Lemon Mouse.
Today we are going to make a funny lemon mouse.
To make the mouse we’ll need:
 A lemon, two granules of black pepper, two parsley stems, several sharp knives, a pair of scissors and a little of creative inspiration.
Cut approximately one third from the long part of the lemon.
From this part cut two round pieces of skin. They will be mouse’s ears.
Also cut out an elongated undulating piece of rind – that will be a mouse tail.
Smooth down the two circles with scissors.
Cut out two holes for eyes.
Insert two peas of pepper into the hole. And now the mouse has eyes.
Now make two cuts for ears. Insert the circles. The ears are ready.
The mouse’s muzzle looks like this. But we miss one more detail – whiskers.
Take two parsley stems (by the way, it could be another greenery). Cut the stems along, making them thinner.
On each side of the nose make openings for the whiskers. You can use a toothpick to deepen the holes.
Put in the whiskers. If they are too long, make them shorter.
The little muzzle is ready.
Now it remains to make a tail.
Make a depression and insert a tail.
Now everything seems to be on place – ears, whiskers and tail.
The Lemon Mouse is ready.
This funny mouse will cheer all your family, especially kids. Afterwards you can make a lemon juice or filling for lemon pie out of it.
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