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Origami Neko Bookmark (Jo Nakashima)

THIS VIDEO IN MULTIPLE LANGUAGES: http://youtu.be/bR1wc6K91fw

Origami Neko Bookmark designed by Jo Nakashima
Dedicated to my friend Aileen Nakamura, who loves cats

Difficulty level: simple (there is one not-so-simple step)

This model was based on my origami cat:

My paper: 10cm x 10cm Tissue Foil from origami-shop.com

Standard origami paper and copy paper works well.
Recommended size: 10cm x 10cm to 12cm x 12cm

My Facebook Page:
http://www.facebook.com/JoOrigami .

Commercial use is not allowed without prior written permission from the author.
Please contact the author to ask for commercial licensing


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