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Make a Slug-Repelling Penny Ball for Your Garden – HGTV

Fun fact: Copper can help repel pesky slugs in the garden. Today’s pennies are made mostly of zinc, whereas pennies made prior to 1983 contain a larger amount of copper. Gather up some coins for this eye-catching DIY penny ball, and say goodbye to slugs!

Get step-by-step instructions: https://www.hgtv.com/outdoors/gardens/make-a-garden-penny-ball-to-repel-slugs?soc=youtube


craft foam ball
pennies (1983 or older)
gel super glue
neutral-hued sanded grout
grout sealer


1. Using gel super glue, attach pennies to the foam ball, leaving a tiny bit of space between each coin. Let glue dry completely before moving to the next step.

2. You can find sanded grout in small quantities at the craft store. We chose a medium-tan hue to blend with the pennies, but you can use whatever color you like. Prepare the grout according to package directions. Before applying, cover your workspace to catch any excess grout. Coat the penny ball all over with the mixture, taking care to thoroughly fill the spaces between pennies. Evenly spread out the grout and wipe any excess with a paper towel.

3. While grout is still wet, use water and a paper towel to wipe any grout from the surface of the pennies. The copper can’t do its job if covered up!

4. After the grout has dried completely, sand any rough patches with a sanding sponge, then wipe again with a dry cloth. Apply grout sealer between the pennies, rubbing it in as you go (we chose a sealer with a built-in applicator). Be careful not to get sealant on the pennies. Let dry overnight.

5. Place your finished garden art wherever those pesky slugs need repelling!

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