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Happy New year, everybody!

First video on 2018 it’s going to be this first impression/review of the Hanacure Mask.
I’ve seen it everywhere on Instagram and I got curious. I didn’t actually think of buying it until I had some of you asking for a review.
I’ve ordered this from their official website http://www.hanacure.com and it arrived in about two weeks I think, but it was during Christmas so I think it wouldn’t normally take as long.

It’s been about 5 hours since I’ve done the mask and I must admit the results on me are pretty spectacular. I thought the appeareance of smaller pores will fade once I apply moisturiser and everything but nope, my skin looks amazing even now!
It gives you some kind of discomfort while you have it on your skin, especially if you’re trying to talk, but I’m no drama queen, it is nothing that hurts or that you can’t stand.
Did you try this mask? Have you used it more than once? I plan on applying this again tomorrow or maybe a day after tomorrow just to see how it would perform on the second application. I will surely let you know about it on my Instagram.

Hope you have an amazing 2018! Don’t forget, I’ll be posting every Tuesday and Friday. If I don’t , please gimme a slap ! lol

Thank you so much for watching ! Can’t wait to read your commenta ! ????????❤️

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