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How to grow Chrysanthemum Plants in Containers

Should you grow potted chrysanthemum plants? The chrysanthemum flower has always been iconic, throughout the history of mankind. The chrysanthemum was introduced to the west in the 18th century, through trades with Asian nations. Blooming in China forover two millennia, this beautiful flower is also being used as the official symbol for Mother’s Day. Aside from its aesthetic value, chrysanthemum has also been used for medicinal purposes. However, most gardeners today consider the chrysanthemum as too high-maintenance. This need not necessarily the case. Here are some tips to help you grow chrysanthemum plants in containers.
Chrysanthemum plants make for very versatile and pretty plants, which you can grow in almost any container. While most people may consider it as a temporary ornamental flower, you can keep your potted chrysanthemum plants healthy, by applying proper care. You can even propagate your chrysanthemum plants, by snipping off six-inch pieces, applying rooting hormone, and planting it in healthy soil. Plant potted chrysanthemum flowers!

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