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“Eugenie Cookie” Rainbow Heart Cookies Slice & Bake Surprise

“Eugenie Cookie” is new Valentine cookie! Slice & Bake Surprise Rainbow Cookies with heart, French sables. Find Eugenie Cookie Recipe here: http://eugeniekitchen.com/rainbow-heart-cookies-eugenie/
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♦ BRAVO! YOU GIRLS ROCK!! (Viewers’ Eugenie Cookies)
→ ms.cheung.92’s http://instagram.com/p/zAS6tyP9O0
→ vinsonraphael’s http://instagram.com/p/zAFSEowsbC (the prettiest cookies a guy made in history! ^^)
→ onezeroo’s http://instagram.com/p/y8gbzlDrlL
→ Alyssia’s http://instagram.com/p/y1RwnkKa5d
→ ximicake’s http://instagram.com/p/y7EqHUJFAl
→ octaviagustin’s http://instagram.com/p/y6_GV0gOnL
→ _yanappu’s http://instagram.com/p/y9DKi_FbGD
→ jojochelyan’s http://instagram.com/p/y6sPX5Lp2u
→ Jasmine’s http://instagram.com/p/y0yb6Qpcf-
→ rowenalyy’s http://instagram.com/p/y7DX-UG9im
→ tatumtheresa http://instagram.com/p/y2dM0arRE5
→ ilovssol’s http://instagram.com/p/yzROT8jyJE
→ yafraf’s http://instagram.com/p/y-Og7agGaX
→ cys0430’s http://instagram.com/p/zADTdjJSDo

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→ Calypso Beach Walk, Getz me to Brazil, Baroque coffee house by Doug Maxwell

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