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Episode 101 – How to be a Happier Parent

Audrey Hepburn once said, “The most important thing is to enjoy your life—to be happy—it’s all that matters.” 

That’s great advice, but it’s a little sparse on the “how-to” side. We would all love to be happy, but it’s not always easy, especially when you’re shouldering the responsibilities of a parent.

Which is why I’m so excited to be speaking with my guest on the show today. K.J. Dell’Antonia is the author of How to Be a Happier Parent. A practical, thoroughly researched guide to bringing more joy into our everyday lives, not by doing more (please, no) but by doing things differently.

This mother of four and former editor of The New York Times’ Motherlode blog has some straightforward, effective advice for finding the joy in the otherwise chaotic experience of raising a family.

Her book, How to Be a Happier Parent, is available from Penguin Random House Publishing or wherever you find great books.

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