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Episode 098 – How Do I Know if Baby’s Hungry?

When your baby cries in the night, it usually means they want something in order to help them get back to sleep. Whether it’s because they’re too hot, too cold, have a wet diaper, or for some other reason can be difficult to tell.

For most parents, the first thing they try is a feed. Babies love to eat and it’s the most common reason for newborns and infants to wake up in the night.

Of course, that’s not always the solution, and feeding your baby to sleep every time they wake up can cause an association that will leave them unable to fall asleep unless they’re offered a nighttime snack.

In today’s episode, I’ll help you spot the telltale signs of hunger and give you some tips for getting baby back to sleep on those occasions when they’re just looking for comfort instead of food.

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