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Episode 095 – 8 Tips for Separation Anxiety

I think we can all agree that no sound on this earth is more distressing to a parent than that of their crying baby.

And in their early years, nothing prompts a meltdown from your little one quite like the sight of you leaving the room. Separation anxiety is so common among babies that you would probably be more likely to worry if your little one didn’t cry a little when you left them alone.

The truth is, teaching your baby to trust in your inevitable return when you leave the room is probably harder on you, the parent, than it is on your baby.

So today, I’m going to help you understand what’s going on in your little one’s head when they see you walking out the door at bedtime, or leave them with their Grandma for an afternoon, as well as a few tips to help ease the stress on both of you as you progress through this stage.

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