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Episode 081 – Keep Your Toddler From Leaving Their Room

How many times have you finished up your little one’s bedtime routine, kissed them goodnight, tucked them in, turned out the light, only to see their adorable little face appear in the hallway five minutes later? And then five minutes after that? And again, and again, until bedtime ends in a series of tears and ultimatums.

Keeping kids in their rooms is a tricky challenge. We can’t just lock them in there, and they are oh so clever when it comes to figuring out which excuses get them a few extra minutes of awake time.

But I have a very simple, and very effective, solution to this problem, and it works almost all of the time. I won’t lie, it’s probably going to provoke a bit of a protest, but it will solve the problem quickly and permanently, and allow you to get back to enjoying your evenings without the surprise visits.

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