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JUIST to Great Health with Pomegranate Juice!

CAT 2, 2017 Promotion (13 Feb – 31 Mar 2017) Featuring: 1. JUIST – processes all kinds of fruits with soft & juicy texture 2. INSULATED STRAW TUMBLER – double-walled design keeps drinks cold for hours 3. CLEANING BRUSH – ergonomic & helps remove fruit fiber easily

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Healthy Hydration

Healthy Hydration How much water to drink? The Institute of Medicine says adult men need about 3 litres per day of fluid; adult women need about 2.2 litres of fluid. You get about an additional 0.5 litres of fluid from foods. Your size and activity level affect your fluid requirements. …

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The 17 Most Hydrating Foods And Drinks Your Body Needs

Chugging water throughout the day isn’t the only way to defend yourself againstdehydration. Loading up on specific foods and beverages can drastically increase your H20 intake, plus they’ll fill you up and provide necessary nutrients thatflavored waterslack. It’s no wonder biting into a juicy slice ofwatermelonis so refreshing-it’s made up …

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Avocado Shake Recipe

Jump start your day with this healthy avocado shake recipe. ___ RECIPE: http://bit.ly/2lBAR28 ___ Louise Leonard shares her recipe for a smooth, creamy milkshake with an unexpected ingredient…avocado! Try this one out, it’s healthy and delicious! ___ CONNECT WITH KIN COMMUNITY Subscribe here: http://bit.ly/MKYoureInvited Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KinCommunity Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/kincommunity Twitter: https://twitter.com/kincommunity …

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What Healthy People Really Eat For Breakfast

If you’re new, Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-The-List Breakfast is the most important meal of the day — but only if you do it right. Right? You can power up your morning with a superfood, or instantly feel like you’re running on empty. It’s all up to you! Here are some food …

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