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Baby massage

Massaging your baby is an excellent way of communicating with baby and deepening that close bond between you. It’s a wonderful way to spend time relaxing and can help establish a routine. Above all your baby will love you for it. Your guide to how to give your newborn baby …

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How to wean your baby

The weaning stage is a very special developmental milestone for you and your baby. Get great advice and information on what to feed your baby at which stage, get to understand which texture is right for which stage and what not to feed your baby. MUM’S TOP WEANING TIPS ‘Because …

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What to eat during pregnancy

Mums and experts offer tips on what to eat, how to ensure you’re getting a good variety of nutrients and that you’re eating well throughout your pregnancy. Plus what not to eat lots of and which foods to avoid during pregnancy. Eating in pregnancy can be a minefield. We’re constantly …

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Premature babies

Mothers of premature babies, midwives and experts discuss the experience of having a premature baby, the emotional impact, care and development. With this video you will discover that it is normal to feel overwhelmed and even depressed after the birth of a premature baby. Some mothers feel that they’ve had …

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How to use baby signing

Teaching your baby to sign can be a really lovely way to help them to communicate their needs to you before they are able to speak. It can also help them overcome the frustration that can accompany not being understood. Baby signing has become a popular way to help babies …

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Baby bedtime routine

Get advice from experts and mums like you on establishing a bed time routine , say goodbye to sleep deprivation and get your baby to sleep through the night. If you need to be in control then settle your baby into a routine and put a stop to the sleepless …

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