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The Truth About Baby Sleep And Crying

Child sleep expert Dana Obleman (http://www.sleepsense.net) answers questions from parents like you about their children’s sleep problems. Have a question of your own? Post it in the ‘Comments’ section! A new question will be answered every week, so stay tuned! If you’re looking for more information about how to get …

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How To Sleep Train A Baby With Reflux – Q&A With Dana

Dana Obleman (http://www.sleepsense.net) shares advice on how to sleep train a baby with reflux in this video chat. Transcript: Dana: Hi, I’m Dana. Welcome to this week’s video chat. Today our question comes from Lydia. She is wondering, “How do I sleep train my baby when he has reflux?” That’s …

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Why Are Naps So Much Harder? – Q&A With Dana

Dana Obleman, (http://www.sleepsense.net) answers the question “Why are naps so much harder?”, in this video chat. Transcript: Dana Obleman: Hi! [background music starts] I’m Dana Obleman, creator of the “Sleep Sense Program”. Today’s question comes from Carrie. She is wondering, “Dana, why are naps so much harder?” [laughs] That’s a …

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