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7 Kitchen Clutter Hacks – Burning Daylight – HGTV

Maria Antoinette shares her seven favorite hacks for organizing a messy kitchen:

1. Use a mail sorter to organize lids for plastic food storage containers.
2. Add a corkboard to the back of a cabinet door to organize measuring spoons.
3. Use a wine rack to corral water bottles.
4. Repurpose a magazine rack as extra shelves for the freezer.
5. Mount a tension rod under the sink and hang spray bottles from it.
6. Use file boxes to stash aluminum foil, plastic wrap and sandwich bags.
7. Add a coat rack to the end of your cabinet to hang cutting boards.

A year has more than 4,000 hours of daylight, and parents with small children have to fill them all. Maria Antoinette shares her tips for burning the daylight hours with kids.

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