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6 Fights That Aren’t Normal In A Healthy Relationship

6 Fights That Aren’t Normal In A Healthy Relationship

Fighting is just part of being in a relationship – even when a couple is perfect for each other, they’re bound to have some silly (or serious) arguments every once in a while. There’s obviously a big difference between a harmless fight and a fight that is terrible – like, borderline emotionally abusive-controlling terrible – but it can be hard to know the difference when your mind if clouded with love. Happy, healthy couples will have fights, big or small, that end peacefully or lead to an important conversation. Unhealthy couples will have fights that can potentially ruin their relationship. What kind of fights are we talking about here? Cheyenne gets real on the arguments healthy couples just don’t have, and if you have a significant other, you need to watch this now. Thank us later.

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