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21 Plants That Bloom All Summer Long

21 Plants That Bloom All Summer Long

As spring wears off and summer heat picks up, most gardeners find it rather tiring to work in the garden. That’s why you need to look for flowering plants––both annuals and perennials––that bloom profusely throughout the season without much pampering from you. Fortunately, you have a wide selection of summer bloomers to choose from.

1. Petunia
Petunias grown as annuals have one of the longest flowering seasons, right from mid-spring to late fall. Hybrid petunias with the trailing habit, commonly known as Purple Wave petunias, are extremely floriferous and versatile.

2. Zinnias
Zinnias love warmth, so they are reliable summer bloomers, filling the garden with long lasting flowers in jewel colors

3. Gaillardia
Gaillardia is another summer flowering plant that never seems to get tired of blooming all through the season and beyond. These North American natives come in bright yellows,

4. Globe Amaranth
The compact mounds of globe amaranth are usually covered in globular flowerheads all through summer and fall since they continue to persist on the plants.

5. Hydrangeas
Nothing can beat these perennials when it comes to filling up your garden with a profusion of long-lasting blooms starting from spring.

6. Rose of Sharon/Hardy hibiscus
Rose of Sharon is a perennial hibiscus for USDA zones 5-8. It blooms in various shades of pink, peach, and red. Individual flowers may not be as large as that of tropical hibiscus, but this hardy relative makes it up by the sheer profusion of the flowers they produce.

7. Coreopsis
Commonly called Tickseed, the low growing coreopsis is an old-time favorite. It is actually a perennial in warmer regions but is more often grown as an annual elsewhere.

8. Marigold (Tagetes)
Often grown in vegetable gardens to keep off pests, French Marigolds are well known to gardeners. They are compact in size, with a bushy, slightly spreading habit. Their yellow-orange flowers, often having varying amounts of red-maroon, usually have a single or double layer of petals.

9. Yarrow
Common yarrows with off-white or yellow flowers and weed status have undergone a transformation with several new color choices in shades of pink, cream, peach and red.

10. Candytuft
These hardworking, ground hugging evergreen plants can brighten up any nook and corner in the garden with its clusters of tiny flowers that start appearing in spring.

11. Purple coneflower /Echinacea
No garden should be without this native flowering plant producing large, purplish pink flowers.

12. Eryngium (Sea holly)
Silvery blue and spiky, the flowers and foliage of sea holly are strikingly different from those of usual garden plants. Consider adding it to your summer garden.

13. Aster
The delicate daisy-like flowers of asters in pinks, purples, lavender, and white bring cheer to your garden from early summer to fall.

14. Daylilies
Daylilies bloom from spring to fall. Each flower lasts for just one day, but a succession of them open up day in and day out, ensuring that your garden looks cheerful throughout.

15. Rudbeckia
This is a wildflower that earned a rightful place in our gardens by its large flowers and profuse flowering habit.

16. Catmint
Whether you have cats or not, this aromatic plant makes a good addition to your summer garden. The bluish-purple flowers are tiny, but they are borne in abundance on long,

17. Snapdragon
Another reliable annual with a long flowering season, snapdragons were an old favorite in summer gardens.

18. Bee balm/Monarda
This North American native blooms from early summer to fall, producing whorls of tubular flowers around the tip of each branch.

19. Dahlia
These old favorites are making a comeback in new avatars. You can now choose from large, dinner plate dahlias to small daisy-flowered bedding dahlias, with pom-poms and ruffled ones in between.

20. Gaura
This wildflower is a North American native, forming large perennial stands, crowding out all the competitors.

21. Canna lilies
They are perennials with bold foliage and bolder flowers. They start blooming from late spring or early summer depending on the zone and continue through summer and fall.

Source – http://www.naturallivingideas.com

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